1985 - 1990

Announcement of first fiscal regulations of Turkey published by Turkey Ministry of Finance.

The first approved Fiscal Cash Register in Turkey, Olivetti branded Cash Registers launched in Turkey market by Profilo.

1991 - 1995

Profilo brand has been used for the first time on Cash Registers.

First Profilo branded Cash Register devices launched.

1996 - 2000

Poland fiscal cash register approval, selling operations started.

Telestar branded cash registers started in Turkey market.

Profilo – Telra started SKD manufacturing of cash registers in its own factory in Turkey.

2001 - 2005

First battery powered mobile cash register with termal printer launched to Turkey market under Profilo brand.

First micro concept cash registers designed and launched under Profilo brand in Turkey market.

Greece, Hungary fiscal cash register approval, selling operations started.

2006 - 2010

First approval of Petrol Station Cash Registers in Turkey market.

Romania, Serbia, Ethiopia approvals received, selling operations started.

First EJ cash register unit for Turkey market by Profilo launched.


Kenya – Zimbabwe approvals received, selling operations started.

First Loyalty Application for Petrol Station Cash Registers has been successfully performed.

First Self-Service Petrol Station Cash Register in Turkey has been approved.

Publishing first Online Fiscal ECR (New Generation) by Ministry of Finance.


Final New Generation ECR Regulations published.


First approvals in Turkey market Profilo received its first approval with worlds first touch screen ECR-POS device.


Switch operation in Turkey started.

Mobile ECR-POS device selling operations started.

New Generation Desktop ECR regulations published.


New Generation Desktop ECR devices received approval under Profilo, Farex and Telefunken brands.

New Generation Desktop ECR selling operations started in Turkey.

Micro concept ECR Desktop devices under Farex, Profilo, Telefunken brands received approvals.


Worlds smallest footprint 3” Online Cash Register manufactured by Profilo received approval.


Profilo – Pax joint designed S900ECR Mobile Cash Register received approval.


Technical approval tests according to the new online ECR regulations are successfully completed for our new models Farex Pro300 and Farex Pro600 in Poland