As a part of Profilo Payment Systems, our company E Data Elektronik San. ve Tic. A.S. is working in Fiscal Device business for more than 30 years.

A wide range of products and brands reach our end-users through our extensive dealership network and expanding sales channels. More than 2 Million units are sold and 800K of these are actively working in the field worldwide.

In Poland, we have an independent company working in the fiscal device business, Edata Polska, 100% owned by E Data Elektronik San ve Tic A.S. and active in this business in Poland since 1997.

In 2005, we started to produce fiscal cash registers for fuel pumps. These registers have been designed exclusively for use at fuel-oil distribution companies. Today, our widespread sales and service network has garnered a sizable percentage of sales at petrol stations all across Turkey. With our specific and unique product, the big leakage of taxes on petroleum products has been minimized in a short period of usage.

Our brands Farex, Telestar and Profilo are familiar and trusted brands not only in our country, but also worldwide. We have more than 150 different fiscal device models locally approved in 15 different countries. We are the market leader in Ethiopia with a market share of 45% and best after sales service in the country.

E Data has a large line of fiscal cash registers to fit all business needs. Perfect for any sized business, our reliable operating systems help you to meet your business goals. We offer a diverse range of cash registers with a multitude of design concepts, such as our special solution machines for gas stations. We also offer many different sizes, from our portable small design up to high end products with online communications and the most advanced all-in-one POS systems.

In most of the countries we are actively working, we supported the governments to implement the system, automate their Tax Collection Systems and increase the tax revenues in general.


→ Trusted Service Manager SW (Terminal Management System for fiscal devices)
→ Back-End SW for Tax Collection Authorities
→ Fiscal Cash Registers
→ Fiscal Printers
→ External Fiscal Boxes
→ Pump-Cash Registers
→ Offline Cash Register
→ Online Cash Register
→ Sales Automation System Equipment
→ POS Peripherals (Cash Drawer, Barcode Scanner, Electronic Scale, etc.)