CPU 400 MHz ARM11 32-bit RISC CPU
Communication Default GPRS, 10/100 Base-T Ethernet Optional 3G
RAM 192 MB (128 MB Flash, 64 MB SDRAM)
Printer 2" (58 mm) thermal printer
Print Speed 75 mm/sec (18 line/sec)
Paper Roll Size 56mm x 50 mm paper
Operator Display 3.5 inch 240 x 320 pixel color TFT LCD
Customer Display 128 x 32 single line graphic display
Keypad 18 Keys
Toucscreen Keypad ECR functions ; Department keys, Payment keys, Credit Card application keys, sub total, ECR advance payment, ECR payment, discount, -%, +%, cancellation, reciept cancellation, error fixing
Fiscal Memory Capacity 4000 Days
EJ 40 Million Lines
Deparment 8
PLU Capacity 10.000
VAT capacity 8 different VAT definition

X/Z Report X/Z Report
X PLU Sales Report / Z PLU Sales Report
Fiscal Memory Report Z to Z and Date to Date
EJ Reports EJ Detail Report / EJ Z Detail Report
EJ Receipt Detail Report Date&Time to Date&Time and Z to Z
Single Receipt Copy / Periodic Receipt Copy

Encryption 3DES encryption Master/session and DUKPT Key management, SSL encryption, VeriShield file verification with RSA encryption
EMV EMV level 1 and EMV level 2

Hardware Features
Chip Card Reader ISO 7816, 1.8V, 3V, 5V; sencron and asencron cards EMV L 1 and L2 approved
Magnetic Card Reader Triple Track (1,2,3 Track), double sided scan
NFC ISO 18092 standart NFC reader
SAM Module 2 pcs
SIM Module 2 pcs
Barcode Scanner Embedded 1D or 2D (Optional)
GPS Support Embedded (Optional)
Connections 3 RS232 (1 on device, 2 on expansion port), 1 USB(on device), 1 Drawer(on expansion port)
Power Supply 100 - 240 V AC (50-60 Hz)
Battery 7,2 V 2200 mAh Li-Ion Battery

Physical Specifications
Dimensions (mm) L : 185 mm, W: 82 mm, H: 88 mm
Weight 580 g
Working Temperature 0° - 50° C working temperature